SAS Australia 2020 TV Set, Bobundara NSW

ground screws

FCA 76×1300-2, FCA 76×1600-2

project partners

Wild Sets, van der Meer Consulting 

photos by

About Regional, Kevin Harrington, Wild Sets

It was a pleasure working with Wild Sets on the set construction of the Channel 7 SAS Australia compound. Ground screws were selected for this project due to their cost savings when compared to concrete and their flexibility as either a permanent or temporary footing solution. This was an important feature for this project as the owners of the property had not yet decided if the structures were to stay or be removed after filming.

The engineer specified our FCA 76×1600-2 ground screws for the project, of which 52 were required. The site was sloping and our 1600mm screws provided up to 500mm ground clearance at the lowest point. Despite encountering very hard soil conditions which required pre-drilling via our DTH hammer drilling equipment, our installation team completed the installation in approximately 5 hours, allowing Wild Sets to carry on with the frame construction that same day.

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