‘Proclamation’ Flag Poles, Sydney Festival 2020

ground screws

OS 114×1000-4xM16

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Ground Screws Australia and Sydney Festival

It was an absolute pleasure to work with the Sydney Festival team for this large-scale art installation consisting of 250 bamboo flag poles and individually unique flags that explore Australians’ diverse ideas about land and country, belonging and possession.

The 6m flag poles were mounted inside our 114×1000 OS-series ground screws, which feature an open neck with 4xM16 nuts for fixing. The Barangaroo Reserve site has an abundance of sandstone and pre-drilling was required in about a third of the flag pole locations. Our team completed the installation in two days with two machines.

The ground screws and flag poles were utilised again for the Australia Day 2020 WugulOra ceremony, displaying 250 aboriginal flags at that event. At the conclusion of the events our team removed the ground screws, leaving only small holes which were filled with soil by the Sydney Festival team to allow the small sections of grass to quickly recover. These ground screws are being re-used for other projects, in line with our goal of reducing waste in the construction industry. Our ground screws are also 100% recyclable!

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