Eco House, Leura NSW

ground screws

FM 76×1300-M16, FM 76×1600-M16

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Ground Screws Australia, Marra + Yeh Architects 

Nestled in the beautiful Blue Mountains, this stunning architecturally designed home exists in harmony with nature. Our ground screws were selected for this sustainable home by Marra + Yeh architects as a more environmentally friendly option than traditional concrete footings.

We installed 41 of our FM 76×1300/1600-M16 ground screws at this challenging site in a single day.  The steeply sloping site had exposed rock and bedrock at various depths so pre-drilling was necessary where rock was encountered.

 We understand that taking care of the environment is a vital part of our operation and future. Our ground screws are relocatable, reusable and 100% recyclable after operational lifespan. Our system minimises earthworks and excavation, meaning minimal impact to the surrounding landscape and are suitable for culturally and environmentally sensitive sites. Unlike concrete manufacturing which ranks third in the production of manmade CO2 emissions worldwide, our innovative foundation solution reduces waste, emissions and overall environmental impact.

You can read more about the sustainably designed Eco House here     

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