44kWp Solar, Krawarree NSW

ground screws

FCA 76×1000/1300-1, FCA 76×1300/1600-2

project partners

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Ground Screws Australia and Innovida

We installed 40 ground screws in a single day for this 44kWp system designed by our client, Innovida. We used our FCA-series ground screws, which are designed to suit the Clenergy STIII-A racking system as pictured. The site was sloping with an average fall of approximately 400-500mm on each table.. a great advantage of our screw foundation system is that no prior earthworks or site prep is required prior to installation; we simply install a mix of ground screw lengths to achieve the minimum embedment set by our engineer. We encountered rock from about 300mm, so pre-drilling into the rock was required. We achieved a very high installation torque range which was well in excess of our engineers requirements.
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