31.5kWp Solar, Bundaberg QLD

ground screws

FCA 76×1300-1, FCA 76×1600-2

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Ground Screws Australia

This 31.5kWp system powers an ex prawn farm converted to seaweed farm in Bundaberg, Queensland. Due to the Wind Region C cyclone rating the leg spacing of the Clenergy SolarTerraceIII racking system was reduced in accordance with Clenergy’s engineering advice. Although the soil conditions at this site were very sandy, we were still able to use our standard length solar ground screws (1300mm in the front and 1600mm in the rear) due to the reduced leg spacing. Our concrete-free footing system requires no site earthworks prior to installation as we simply install the ground screw foundations to height. With no setting time and instant load bearing capacities, our ground screws allow for immediate mounting of the frame and/or modules.

Our solar ground screws are suitable for self-installation and we offer tool hire services and support for customers/contractors who already have common machinery on hand.

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