1.356MWp Solar, Corio VIC

ground screws

FCA 76×1300-1, FCA 76×1600-2

Our team installed 1,540 ground screws for this 1.356MWp system designed by Commercial PV installations. The system is located at the MC Herd meat processing facility in Corio VIC and was installed to reduce the company’s energy consumption in line with their sustainability and environmental goals.

We used our FCA-series ground screws, which suit the Clenergy SolarTerraceIII-A racking system as pictured. There was a 1200mm drop across the sloping site and our client was pleased that our foundation system did not require any site levelling or prep. Since there was no need to disturb the grass field, there was no mess on site during construction. For this project we supplied longer ground screws in order to provide additional ground clearance to allow for sheep grazing in the solar farm field. We absolutely love being part of the solar industry, working towards Australia’s renewable energy future!

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