Frequently Asked Questions

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Do ground screws comply with Australian Standards?

Our ground screws have been designed, tested and certified by Australian Structural Engineers to comply with Australian/New Zealand Standards and the Building Code of Australia.
Just remember that not all ground screws are compliant with Australia’s regulations, so always make sure that you are purchasing from a supplier certified to the relevant Australian standards.

What size ground screw do I need?
The bearing capacity of a ground screw is determined by the bearing capacity of the soil into which it is installed (i.e the bearing capacity of one ground screw can vary significantly between two sites). Along with our engineers, we can assist in selecting a suitable ground screw size/model once we know soil conditions, design loads and details of the structure/project.
Where can I buy your ground screws?

We ship our products Australia wide (with the exception of Tasmania, which is serviced by our distributer/installer Tasmanian Ground Screws). We also have a distributer/installer based in New Zealand, Ground Screws NZ.

Do I need to have my ground screws installed by Ground Screws Australia?
Certainly not! While we have installers based around Australia offering installation services, we also provide support to those of our clients who wish to self-install or use a local contractor. We hire out drive attachments to streamline the installation process and also provide support and guidance over the phone should there be any issues during installation.
Can ground screws be installed into rocky soil or rock?
Yes, ground screws can be installed into any type of soil including rocky soil and even solid rock, with the help of pre-drilling equipment. We have developed a wide range of installation equipment including auger pre-drilling and DTH hammer drilling equipment to allow for installation in Australia’s hard and harsh soil conditions.
How long do ground screws last?
In ideal soil conditions ground screws will last 100 years. When selecting a suitable ground screw we take the design life of the structure and soil/environmental factors into account. Our ground screws are manufactured from grade C350 steel and are hot-dip galvanised according to ISO 1461 which assist in corrosion protection. In highly corrosive soil conditions, the lifespan of our ground screws can be increased indefinitely through the use of sacrificial anodes.
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