Ground Screws Australia

Our company has been founded on innovation and experience.

As a family owned and operated business with 15 years experience in ground screw foundations, we have established ourselves as the leaders in the industry. We introduced the original Krinner ground screw concept to Australia in 2006 as ‘Krinner Australia’. Over the past 15 years we have improved and perfected our screw foundation system to suit Australia’s unique soil and climatic conditions. Our products are the only in the country with Australian structural design, testing and certification including cyclone rating. The development of our installation equipment has allowed us to install ground screws of all sizes in some of Australia’s harshest soil conditions including into solid rock.

The versatility of ground screws and the wide variety of industries we service is something that we pride ourselves on – from residential to commercial construction, event structures, ground mount solar, demountables, cyclone tie downs for mining camps and everything in between! We provide the best all round service in Australia including full engineering services.

In addition to having installers based across Australia and New Zealand, Ground Screws Australia now provide installation support and tool hire services to customers and contractors who wish to self-install our ground screws with machinery that is readily available or that they might already have on hand. We believe that ground screws should be an affordable and accessible foundation system for all.

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