Krinner Groundscrews Australia

Krinner Groundscrews Australia:

Welcome to Krinner, State of the art foundation solutions for all soil types.

KRINNER AUSTRALIA PTY LTD, the expert of modern Foundation Construction for all types of industries.

As pioneer of modern systems for Foundation Construction, we offer competence in development, quality and reliability. For more than a decade KRINNER has been developing innovative systems for time- and cost saving Foundation Construction, as innovation is our motto. Worldwide we have been instrumental in providing solid Footings for high profile events and institutions with KRINNER Groundscrews.

Our modern Foundation System with special-purpose developed installation equipment is now established worldwide as the most efficient and cost-saving Footing Solution, providing superior load capabilities compared to screw piles, screw piers, earth screws, ground anchors and conventional footings like concrete piers and brick piers.

Advantages of KRINNER Groundscrews, in addition to time- and cost-savings, include: 

  • High compressive loads, extraction load and lateral pressure loads, with verification in structural calculations
  • No digging and no concrete
  • Environmentally friendly due to minimum surface sealing
  • No damage to the surrounding area
  • No negative impact on the landscape
  • No waiting times: can be subjected to loads immediately!
  • High installation capacities with special-purpose machinery for Foundation Construction
  • Special foundations for extra-deep Foundation requirements
  • Fast and inexpensive to dismantle and relocate, with the site being left in its original state
  • No costs for disposing of Foundations which have become unusable
  • Long lifetime 

KRINNER Screwfoundations have proven themselves as the best Footing Solution for mining demountables and are ideally suited for cyclone tie downs.

KRINNER Groundscrews – Carry a 25 to 30 year warranty depending on soil type! Have been statically tested & certified by structural engineer’s incl. cyclonic regions! Comply with Australian Standards & the Building Code of Australia!

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